Do your field service workers ever experience mobile coverage issues or network outages?

These network outages can severely impact businesses –

  • Loss of business or revenue
  • Lost access to business-critical applications
  • Delayed processing times
  • Poor customer service and unsatisfied customers
  • Excess loss of money and time looking for better connectivity solutions

When using multiple SIM cards, you might be forced to –

  • Use different network operators at different locations
  • Spend unnecessary admin time managing the different operators
  • Spend significantly more than your budget

Introducing the Symec Smart SIM

This is a multi-network SIM card that helps you stay connected to your mission critical applications with 4G connection and seamless roaming between all major UK networks on a single (rugged) SIM card. Using Symec Smart SIM means, you never need to worry about coverage, bandwidth or outages again, removing the need to use different suppliers at different locations, whilst reducing both cost and administration time.

Find out how we can help you ensure a seamless network connection at all times

The Smart SIM is especially well suited during these unprecedented times when companies need to focus on using their resources carefully while not compromising the level of service they provide to their customers.

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  • A single SIM with access to all major UK networks
  • SIMs can be used in the EU at no additional cost
  • Unsteered service, always selecting the strongest network to its location
  • Flexible tariffs designed specifically for your business needs
  • No SIM connection fees
  • Fixed and Private IP available
  • Rugged SIM built to last in harsh environments
  • Built in usage alerts


  • Maximises coverage by leveraging multiple networks simultaneously
  • Negates the need for different network suppliers at different locations
  • Seamless transition between networks
  • Fixed monthly charge regardless of which networks it accesses
  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced internal administration time
  • Provides a reliable secure connection

Companies using the Symec Smart SIM