Mobile devices are an indispensable part of any modern business. Whether you need smartphones and tablets to keep in touch on the move, rugged devices built to withstand the toughest conditions, specialist equipment for use in warehousing, retail or logistics environments, or even wearables such as smart glasses, we can help you make the right choices and integrate them into your operations.

The Right Hardware Solutions

Choosing the right devices for your circumstances is essential in ensuring your business reaches its potential, and Symec is here to make the decision simple. 

We are experts in mobile technology and have Tier 1 partnerships with all major enterprise mobility providers. This means we can take an agnostic approach and provide an impartial assessment of your needs. We’re also validated by Google to support zero-touch enrollment and are included on the Android Enterprise recommended supplier list. 

 We recommend a close analysis of your firm’s unique requirements, including downtime and expected longevity of the various options, when making a decision. This ensures you consider the total cost of ownership as well as the upfront expenditure. 

With a range of purchase options available, including rental and leasing, as well as hardware as-a-service models, we can help you find the right mobile devices at the right price.


Rugged devices

For those working in the toughest conditions, rugged devices ensure your workers stay connected wherever they are. Whether in industrial or outdoor environments, rugged devices minimise downtime and boost productivity. We partner with all the leading manufacturers of rugged devices, including:
  • Zebra
  • Honeywell
  • Datalogic
  • Panasonic
  • M3
  • Samsung
  • Unitech
  • CipherLab

Consumer devices

In many applications, consumer smartphones will give users the flexibility and performance they need to stay connected at a low upfront cost. We offer a range of service agreements and contract bundles to ensure you make the most of these devices.  

If consumer smartphones or other mobile equipment is the right choice for your business, we offer technology from all the leading manufacturers, including:

  • Samsung
  • Google
  • Apple


Once you’ve secured the most suitable devices for your needs, it’s also important to make sure you’ve got the right accessories to make the most of them. These ensure your hardware is always safe and accessible no matter where you are.

We offer a wide range of manufacturers that offer high-quality accessories for all our hardware devices, including:

  • Vehicle cradles
  • Belt clips
  • Carry cases
  • Protective boots
  • Screen protectors
  • Multi-slot charging cradles
  • Wireless charging
  • Power banks